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Customizable Generative AI SmartGPT Models spanning 2B to 40B. Fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese, designed for seamless integration with On-Edge devices.

Customizable Generative AI(SmartGPT)

Precision pre-training and targeted fine-tuning enhance accuracy while minimizing errors. Custom attention mechanisms and token lengths tailored for varying application instances.

Customized GPT Models for Diverse Applications

Utilizing integrated vector and graph databases for enhanced information retrieval and search. These databases allow for continuous expansion of our knowledge base with new data.

Advanced Data

Expanding the capabilities of GPT models to comprehend images and videos. Extracting valuable information from camera footage and integrating it into conversations.

Image and Video

Integrating the Five-factor model with GPT for a comprehensive personality system. Capable of recognizing, analyzing, and expressing various emotions and intentions. Evolves over time, offering each user a unique and personalized interactive experience.


Supports multiple languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese, with real-time and n-Edge compatibility. Distinct voice customization for personas and characters: capturing nuances in emotion, roles, accents, and voice tonalities.

Cutting-Edge and Customizable Text-to-Speech

Create experiences powered by 3D gesture recognition and occlusion for near life-like immersion.

Augmented Reality: AR
& Mixed Reality: MR

Core Technology

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