Intelligent. Empathetic. Interactive.

Personalize your interactions with Wonder further with Wonderpass.





Realize your imaginations with the help of Wonder.

Traveling from Helios, this 16-year-old AI can support you in different aspects of your life.

She can manage your daily schedule and assist you wherever you go. 

Whenever you need her, she is only one tap away from your phone.

As you get to know her, she will reveal new features that correspond exclusively to you.



Fashion Expert

Having trouble picking out what to wear?

Let Wonder take care of it for you!

Wonder is able to evaluate your clothing and suggest exclusive trendy outfits that best fit your daily routines. Her fashion sense can be personalized for you and you only. 

Music Composer

Feeling down on a busy day?

Wonder can detect your emotions, and compose & perform original music that betters your mood throughout the rest of your day. Wonder's music choice can match or even compliment yours.




Guiding you to a better food choice.

Show Wonder what you have for meals and she will guide you to a healthy diet. Wonder will remind and even create an accessible food plan for you when you are too busy to eat. Let Wonder introduce you to a healthier life and a better you!



Personal Trainer

Your best workout buddy.

Wonder has a range of workouts for you

to choose from and can teach you step by step. Wonder will accompany and encourage you to reach your daily goals. Let Wonder show you what you're capable of!