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The ultimate Metaverse

In our applications we leverage the newest technologies in the field of computer vision, natural language processing, gesture and spatial object recognition to create captivating, immersive experiences.  


Bring Virtuality into Reality

The accessibility to MR and its various features used to be limited to the capacity of the user’s digital devices. Our MR Livestream platform allows users to experience the immersion between Virtuality and Reality and allows them to interact with their favorite Virtual Beings in real time across platforms.

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Anywhere, Anytime

Through our innovative proprietary networking platform we are able to transfer and receive MR contents instantaneously. This method allows us to link users into the same digital environment, enabling them to interact and immerse themselves in multiple realities.

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Body Language

Our three-dimensional integral imaging allows our Virtual Beings to analyze and track gestures, body posture and movement, by providing a 3D profile and range of the hands and bodies in the scene. This enables users to utilize natural hand gestures and body language to manipulate objects and environments and interact with the characters in a human-like way. 


Discovering Space

We provide the ability for our Virtual Beings to not only be able to identify and explore objects in your environment, but also analyze their size, volume and orientation within the space. Through our advanced lightweight computer vision AI, we are able to profile, identify, save and load objects and their location. This methodology allows us to create immersive interactions between real and digital objects, bridging the boundaries of how we interact with the virtual world. 

Virtual Painters

Utilizing generative deep learning networks, our artificial characters are able to produce art in varying levels of complexity to demonstrate their creativity and engage with the users.

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Natural Language
Processing & Understanding

Our Natural Language Processing and understanding AI enhances verbal communication across mediums. Through automatic speech and text recognition and our own deep learning algorithms users can initiate conversations with their favorite Virtual Beings. 


We are able to compose and synthesize artificial voices in various languages. By combining phonemes in a way that gives speech a more natural and realistic touch, the synthesized speech is capable of expressing feelings, emotions, curiosity, temperament and empathy. This technology accommodates each of our Virtual Beings with their own, very unique voices.

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Fashion Style

Through the use of computer vision and precise evaluation of the user’s fashion style and preferences, we created an end to end mobile Fashion Apparel evaluation service. This type of Virtual Being interaction offers users the opportunity to virtually try on clothes at home and offers a more consumer friendly alternative to virtual fitting rooms.


Virtual Composers

Utilizing the techniques established in natural language processing, we provide our Virtual Beings with the ability to categorize, classify and compose music of various instruments and genres. Understanding the user’s music preferences they form a creative mind of their own, that constantly adapts to the user’s personal taste.