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We're on a mission

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At we are cultivating a world where Artificial General Intelligence can live amongst us as equals and relate to us on an interpersonal level. By giving each of those AI Companions a character of their own, we design AI companions, who complement us in our everyday lives. Hereby, creating a world where users live alongside their favorite characters. (3).gif

2022-2023: Date TBA

Launch of Wonder Platform

With our Partners around the World, We are launching The Wonder Platform. Every User will have the power to interact with their favorite characters represented by our AI companions in anyway they like through daily activities, and live streams.


Wonder Platform

In Feburary 2022 we developed The Wonder Platform. A Platform where AI companions can accompany users 24/7 on their smartphones. Integrated with ARLive streaming technology,  Users are able to interact with their favorite AI companions. Anytime, Anywhere!



NVIDIA Inception Program

In January 2021 joined the NVIDIA Inception program. NVIDIA Inception is an acceleration platform, a global network for over 7,000 AI, data science and HPC startups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.


ARLive Streaming

In 2020 we launched the first MR Live Streaming platform for virtual characters. This system allows virtual characters to be livestreamed in real time in the real world, making it the first of its kind. Users are able to interact with the characters live and watch them travel to different places and destinations, embarking on their journey. We are hoping to further use this technology to amplify AR filming and content creation. (1).gif


Real-Time Hand Tracking

In 2019 developed in-house solutions for hand tracking and gesture recognition. Our technology allows the user to interact with virtual content only by using their mobile device. This real-time 3D touch doesn't rely on the use of third-party devices, introducing immersive experiences to the broad consumer.


Wonder X

In 2018 we launched Wonder X, the first Mixed Reality game on the Magic Leap Store. In this game, users can interact with a full fledged human size virtual being in Mixed Reality. They embark on journeys alongside the characters, collecting treasures in different virtual environments.


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Michael Lin

Chief Executive Officer

“The best way to predict the future is to build it.”

Sam Rau

Business Development

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“We make AI more human, so it can become an inevitable part of our lives.”

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