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Change the way we experience reality

Trying to appeal to a broad and diverse audience that engages deeply with your service or product? Then learn how can help you integrate technologies in the field of XR to create new and immersive experiences. 

Amplify Human-Computer interaction

Our multifaceted interactions require exploration and communication. We can create memorable and unique experiences that help connect with consumers on a deeper level. By taking into consideration user personalities, individual preferences, interests and habits we encourage positive affiliations and memorable experiences to your brand. 

Our location-based and interpersonal experiences offer a wide range of immersive and user-based interactions on mobile devices:


We offer shared experiences by allowing up to three users on different mobile devices interact with the same AI companion in one room.

Real Time Gestures

Users can not only interact but also “touch” and reach out to our AI companions and receive feedback.​

3D Visualization

Our motion-capture based animations mimic real human gestures and poses, bringing Intelligence to life.

Verbal communication

Users can communicate with their digital equals through natural speech and text.

Affective interaction

The AI companions empathize and interpret the users emotions and thoughts and reciprocate with human affect and understanding.

Reinforced learning

Assisting users in progressive learning, our characters adapt to each person’s individual learning curve by creating positive and rewarding experiences.

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We’re breaching out to many different industries that want to revolutionize customer experience and introduce AI enabled XR solutions in their field.


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News & Updates

Wonderverse in OffKai Expo is a proud sponsor of Offkai Expo: Gen 2! We are providing our technology at the Expo to help build an engaging and interactive event which brings Vtubers into real life. And with our existing AI technology, interactions continue from onstage to offstage, allowing users to engage anytime, anywhere.

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